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The Institute Introduced

     School of biological and pharmaceutical engineering is a concentration of related subjects such as biology, medicine, as one of the faculty, the school food, biological characteristic advantage important constitute part of the group. Existing "biological pharmacy", "biological engineering", "biotechnology", "science", "pharmaceutical engineering", "drugs" and "beer" seven undergraduate majors. The college "biology" and "medicine" two disciplines graduate academic level, at the same time have a "pharmaceutical engineering professional master degree. College of the existing "microbiological and biochemical pharmacy" key subject and "biology" in hubei province, hubei province key (foster) disciplines. School currently operates "fruit and vegetable engineering technology center in mountainous area of hubei province", "high school biology experiment teaching demonstration center of hubei province", "wuhan characteristic agricultural and sideline products processing engineering technology research center", "the development and utilization of resources of wuhan food medicine combination engineering technology research center", "wuhan university of light industry, drug research and development center", "wuhan institute of light industry university biology nutrition" and so on scientific research and teaching platform.

School of existing staff 61, including full-time teachers 47. 15 teachers teach eight, associate professor, doctoral degree in teacher teachers accounted for 83% of the total number of teachers. Otherwise the hubei chutian scholar professor jobs five. School of biological engineering, department of biological science and technology, department of pharmaceutical engineering department, three departments one experiment teaching management center and two management department (integrated office, student office). At present, there are 1370 college undergraduates, master 1370.

Over the years, the institute closely depends on the school farm produce processing and transformation of special advantage, use of modern biotechnology means focus on natural products research, development and utilization, agricultural products, etc. After years of construction and development, is now in the biological pharmacy, food medicine, food nutrition mechanism research of resource utilization, fermentation, food safety, etc, formed the discipline characteristic, in the teaching and scientific research has made gratifying achievements. In the aspect of training students education pays attention to developing students' comprehensive quality, actively develop distinctive cultural activities of science and technology, strict management science, we intensified the efforts on the cultivation of the students' practical teaching links, and strengthen students' practical ability, adhere to the applied innovative talents and interdisciplinary talents training mode, "stresses the quality, level, creating characteristic", the quality of personnel training, was welcomed by the society. In our hospital in recent years the student to obtain the national challenge cup awards at the provincial level 21 items, such as the first author published over 60 papers in public. Nearly two years our signing employment rate reached 96%, 96%, respectively, are among the best in the school. There is a group of stable unit of choose and employ persons, employment to mainly is the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta and the drug companies in wuhan, biological products company, biological high-tech enterprises and research institutions, etc.

College in recent years and led to attend the national natural science fund project 11, item 2 of the national "11th five-year plan" to support the program, the key state science and technology projects, paragraphs 2 and national agricultural transformation fund project 2, hubei province natural science foundation of 12, a total of 35 department of hubei province, hubei province science and technology projects. Take a total of more than 80 enterprises entrust industry-university-institute cooperation projects, scientific research expenditure on nearly 10 million yuan. At the same time won the hubei province science and technology progress prize four, scientific and technological achievements appraisal 12; Publicly published more than 300, of which the SCI, EI, included 56 articles, published over 10 textbooks and monographs. Reached advanced level of similar subjects in discipline construction, become the biological and pharmaceutical fields of talent training and scientific research important base.